Senior Video Essay

About my Senior Video Essay


We where supposed to explain ourself through a video without showing ourselves. I took this on by writing a poem that explained how I’ve felt about high school. After that I had to come up with something to film. I came up with the balloons because I felt like it mimicked my want to be flying free from school but being tied down and alone. I used the woman to show that even through everything you can find someone who will help you out of any situation.


There is stupidness that surrounds the air I breath

It suffocates me from the inside out

It won’t ever leave me

My eyes water and my heart aches

But worst of all I want to make others feel the same way

I want them to cry like me

Understand the pain I feel

It seems to be unending

But when I get emotional everyone says

Shut up

And listen to their problems

For once let me speak

Don’t tell me to go and kick something

Or that I just need an outlet

Nothing is my outlet because this pain lives inside me

The dumbness of it.

The stupidity I live in,

Is real but all you seem to think about is yourself

I learned from the selfish to be selfless

But how am I supposed to do this

Why do I always come second even to myself

Why do I just want to cry rivers till the pain goes away

But most of all why do I still put a smile on my face