Vexa Script

This is the final script from my Zenith* project this year. I am so proud of it because I feel like I grew with the story and it just kept growing and growing into the wonderful piece that challenged and improved my writing exponentially.

This is about an eighty-six-page script so you can just maybe read and evaluate the first ten to twenty-nine pages that would be great. It honestly looks longer than it actually is because of formatting. The reason being I would like you to read up to page twenty-nine because by then all the characters are introduced but read as much or as little as you would like I am just happy to get professional feedback on it.

Thank you.

VEXA Script

  • Zenith is our big Senior year project where we get three months or so to work on something we are really passionate about. I love musicals and really wanted to try and write one as well as do some more behind the scenes things but ultimately ended up with this eighty-six-page script. I also ended up with some photos and posters.