Winston P. Chimers – The Main Character

Narrative Two Unit

Even though I already did a narrative unit in junior year, the second narrative unit in senior year is a bit different. In the narrative two unit, I still focused around one story that I wrote out and let different projects branch out from there. Tough, there are still some new things you can find on there! Some of those things include my dialogue driven short story, a trailer for that story, a designed book jacket cover for that same story, and some other projects that helped me learn a lot of different techniques to use for this unit’s central focus: creative freedom and how to express it professionally.

Who You Callin’ Four-Eyes

A Science Fiction Short Story

During one of the greatest galactic trades going on, the Meekan Empire and the Wooncon are on the verge of their alliance falling apart. Of course, there is an illegal alien organization, MK-13479, snooping around to see where they could make more money during this economic downfall. Who will win? The tree hugging Wooncons or the members of the unnecessarily long gang name?