Welcome to my Senior Narrative Website! Once again, from the jejune TJ Productions, I proudly present to you an English Short Story about change, a Book Jacket designed and drawn by yours truly, an audio book edited and voiced by me, and a commercial starring two original characters.

Freestyle Academy is a series of Units piercing their way past my comfort zones and this latest Unit was no exception. This time around though, the knife in my gut was especially sharp and the casual twist even more wrenching. I’ve never been comfortable with sharing my work and this Unit was all about expressing my story in just about more ways than I was prepared for (which was zero). Throughout this Unit though, I learned more about story-telling and character development than I could have learned on my own. It’s truly eye-opening just how many ways one can tell the same story.

Click the tabs above to see my work! Below are some scrapped graphics from my Book Jacket.