Welcome to my Narrative 2 website! This website consists of the different projects I have worked on  throughout my Senior year at Freestyle.  In English, I wrote a short story about two brothers who try to survive a North Korean invasion of the US.  You can read the whole story on the English page under “Short Story”.  In English I also learned about the the history and thinking behind humor in literature and media.  To explore more about what I learned about humor you can find more information on the English page.  In Design class I created a book jacket design for the short story I wrote in English.  I also produced a surrealist piece and a diptych photograph.  All these project can be found under the Art page.  Finally, in Digital Media I learned how to use ADR which is the process of dubbing voice recordings over media.  Using this skill I created a dubbed version of a Harry Potter trailer replacing the original audio with recordings of my voice.   I also created a movie trailer for my short while in Digital Media.  To see any of my work in Digital Media click on the page Digital Media.  I hope you enjoy!