Welcome to my second narrative website. This site showcases my work in writing, digital photography, graphic design, audio engineering and web production. This unit was based off of a short narrative story I wrote in English. You can read my story on the Story Page. One of the main productions for this unit in Digital Media was to produce a Trailer for my story – as if my short story would be produced as a book, video game, movie, animation. You can watch the trailer on the Media page. In Design we did two big projects. We learned about Surrealism. We were tasked with researching a surrealist artist and presenting the life and work of that artist to the class. I got to research Max Ernst, a German painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and poet. Ernst was a primary pioneer of Surrealism. Once we had learned a bit about surrealism it was time to create our own piece of surrealist art. The second big project in design was to create a book jacket for the story we wrote in English. You can see both my surrealist art, my book jacket and the process I went through to create them on the Art page.