About Me

Welcome to my site! My name is Melissa Pinkner and I am a film student at Freestyle Academy. Freestyle has giving me the opportunity to explore many artistic mediums, and helped me realize my love of documentary filmmaking. Without the resources here, I never would have seen this as a viable career option, but I feel supported by the creative community here, and am encouraged by the careers I have seen many other students from this program make out of their passions. During our documentary unit, I learned about the logistic and technological side of storytelling, and am excited to see where these new skills take me.

My passion for travel has definitely influenced my love of documentaries. All aspects of film incorporate storytelling, and through seeing the world, I have learned that though narrative films interest me, there are many real world stories to tell. I believe in the importance in seeking similarities among people rather than differences, and I feel that this mindset has helped me connect to people very different from myself. Whether I’m living in the tranquility of a remote Peruvian village or the hustle and bustle of Barcelona, I love hearing how people’s beliefs are influenced by friends, family, and culture.

In the future, I hope to make documentaries centered around travel, leading me to see remote locations around the world. I am happiest when immersing myself in a new culture, and hope to share this passion by capturing the stories I hear through film.