Humor Project

In this English Assignment, we were asked to look up comedic influences and create a related comedy piece. After watching comedic youtubers like Vlog Creations and World Star Hip Hop, my group and I were inspired to create a video about street interviews, in the hopes of getting some funny responses. I was challenged to produce a piece of work outside of my usual genre, and I valued exploring new aspects of filming. One challenge my group faced was coming up with ideas on the spot, as there is only so much planning one can do while relying on the reactions of other people. This also made it a little difficult to make sure the equipment was working accurately on the spot, such as audio levels and adjusting exposure.

Behind the scenes was a lot of fun, and we had a great time hearing the various responses. Peoples’ reactions to being interviewed ranged from annoyed to enthused.

Sacha (left)  interviewing Will (right).

A teacher interview, in which Sacha’s outfit was made fun of.

We got a lot of extra footage during this project, including this interview which we did not include in the final product.

Overall, I really appreciated the opportunity to create something light-hearted, as I often get caught up in my projects and forget to enjoy the process. This assignment reminded me to take off small bites and to just have fun with it.