During the Conceptual Unit, students focus was on two classes; English and Design.

In Design, we drew emotions and tasks out of a hat to generate a random artist’s statement. Our task at hand was to then create an image reflecting this statement. My image was meant to “explore the feeling of gratitude through the experience of managing responsibilities.”


In English, we wrote different kinds of poetry.

Spoken Word:

Notes-by Melissa Pinkner


Poppy seed with cream cheese

Don’t assume I’ve learned

I only sit around campfires


To live many lives

Merchant of silk and all




Don’t make me work for it

Well now I’ve called attention

Whether I wanted to or not

The world’s just not as safe

For the 5 unmissable

Female directed documentaries


Laundromat on Dana street

My brother never did his own wash

But he’s more put together anyways


Don’t just deny





Yes I need

Hair bands


A comb


My café with a view




Looking back, I relive the emotions I felt while writing this poem whenever I read it. However, I think I could have done a better job to make it less of a jumble. I understand it because it is a personal piece, however without the message being clear, I understand it would be difficult for others to relate as well.


After our school visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, we were also asked to complete an Ekphrastic Poem, based on one of the exhibits. The following pdf details my poem as well as the exhibit.

Ekphrastic Poem