The Psychology of Music in Film

Intro and Reflection

Welcome to my Explorations Website. The Explorations project was one of the most interesting projects I have worked on during my time in Freestyle. This project is based around the question main question: "How can you find, explore, and/or expand your passion?" For this project, we were given the freedom to explore new skills or expand on things we have already learned this year by creating a project we want to create. In my English class, we conducted research on a topic related to our project, then used this research to create an infographic in my Design class. This website showcases the many parts of this project that I have created throughout each of my classes, including my final project and infographic.

One of the main purposes of this project is to develop a 21st Century Skill. The 21st Century Skill I chose to develop was Teaming and Collaboration, by collaborating with my sister Isabella. Though the amount freedom I was allowed when creating this project was exciting because it allowed so many options for me to choose from, I often struggled to find the motivation and would get stuck when working. To solve this problem, I would collaborate with my sister to help inspire new ideas, and listen take into consideration any constructive suggestions she had to offer. Though at some points it was challenging to complete each part of this project in each of my classes, I enjoyed every aspect produced throughout this section.


This is a screenshot of Pro Tools while I was in the process of creating the piece of music.

screenshot of Pro Tools


During the Explorations unit, I worked in my English and Design class to create an infographic exploring the psychology of music in film. The topic of movie scores has fascinated me, and I have been curious as to how the brain reacts to music and how these reactions could manipulate the reactions of an audience watching a movie. First, I did collected research on how the brain is affected by music, then I chose a color scheme and sketched the basic idea of my infographic. Finally, I created a document in Adobe InDesign to create the format of the infographic, and traced each graphic design element using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator, before finally placing them into the document.

my infographic on the psychology of music in film

This is a screenshot of Adobe InDesign while I was in the process of creating the infographic.

a screenshot of InDesign while I was in the process of creating the infographic.