Narrative Unit 2

Welcome to my Narrative 2 Website! This was an exciting unit that was full of story telling, photography, and videos. In this unit we were asked to write a short narrative story that involved a lot of dialogue. Based off of our story we created a book jacket! Also in Design class we study surrealism and the assignment was to create our own surrealist photo. Which was super fun! Lastly, for Digital Media we were asked to make a trailer that was a sneak peak about our short story. Later on in the unit we will experiment with humor. We will be asked to write a story that has comedy.  I am a little nervous, because I am not very funny. In this unit I learned how to write stories with dialogue, and with different perspectives. I also learned how to create art before I come up with a story. It was an exciting unit! Click the buttons to find out more and look at what I have come up with for this unit! Hope you enjoy it!