Please focus on these three pieces for critique. The “Zenith” tab is not for you, although if you’re interested and you want to read it then you’re free to do so.

Piece 1: Freestyle Narrative 1

Piece 1 is a short film I wrote, edited, and directed in late 2015. There was no dialogue in it, so no script is available. The idea came from a horrible movie on an aeroplane, where I watched it and thought “What if this was good?”

Piece 2: Freestyle Explorations

Piece 2 is a short film I wrote and attempted to film (Although it fell through) in mid-2016. The film fell through because I failed to organise enough hands to help me set up, get the actors to actually read the script, or hold anyone to the schedule I meticulously set up.

This was for the “Explorations” project, which was a month-long end-of-the-year Freestyle project that allowed us to take a short while to get a taste for things outside of our usual courses. Other students pursued animation, fashion design, acting, or other areas of work. I decided to work on writing and filming a script with dialogue, since I had never done anything like it before.

In the end, the most impressive thing I could get out of the project was the script, which I still consider one of my better pieces.

Link to script: Lewis and Nolan’s Guide to Convention Survival

Piece 3: Character Design (Ian Patch)

Piece 3 is a comprehensive collection of all of the iterations and drawings of a character I’ve been designing over the last several years, with drawings from early 2014 all the way through now. ┬áIncluded is a short guide on the drawings and a slightly longer guide on how the character has changed over the last several years.

Link to Google Drive folder: Ian Patch (Ace Attorney Character)