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Serenic Solidarity: A Narrative Character Puppet by David Lim (2014)

My character is a young boy in high school who does not have many friends and ostracizes himself from the a majority of school. He is only interested in his video games, shown by the Xbox controller in his hands, and earning good grades in school, represented by the book tucked beneath his arm. The pure darkness surrounding him shows just how lonely he truly is and far away from the world. However, the ever so slight trace of a smile on his lips show how content he is with life and that despite the fact that there are few people around him, silence is a sweet sound that cannot be enjoyed with others. The slight hunch in his walk shows that he also knows there is more to life out there, but the darkness shows how far and unreachable it seems to be from him, despite the fact that he has the necessary skill set to achieve social competence and status. He is shown in mid-walk, showing how he is still moving forward and will not lose hope just because there is no light in the dark cave of solitude, other than himself.
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