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Silent Affection: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Adam Poltorak (2014)

Using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Indesign, I was able to create a book cover that was built on the narrative story I wrote in English class. It started with finding the theme of the book and color scheme to match. I came up with drama as the theme and focused on different shades of maroon and light pink to portray this. I was going for a split gradient with an added noise texture. This effect gives off a feeling of suspense. I added brushstrokes into the cover to show motion. Creating the rose was a challenge, however. I had to give the pedals dimension and make it more identifiable. Using the pen tool in Photoshop, I made curves and outlines that resemble a rose. I wanted a subtle texture that went with the overall art of the cover. Using certain brushes, emboss and gradient effects, I was able to create a rose that worked with the theme.
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