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The Pass Less Traveled: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Daniel Kammerer (2014)

My story, ''The Pass Less Traveled,'' is a short tale about a young feline protagonist who spends most of her day slaving away in a mining colony. The only part of her day she gets to enjoy is her 'drive' to and from the colony in her diminutive space cruiser. I titled it ''The Pass Less Traveled'' to parody the poem of similar name by Robert Frost. (It sounded good and I couldn't think of anything else)

I created this book jacket entirely in Photoshop, and made extensive use of a Wacom tablet to draw out the ships. While the spaceships look to be the most ornate part of the jacket, what actually gave me the most trouble was the background. I wanted something spacey and nebulaic that would look cool but not be too distracting. In the end, I found a custom brush off the internet that gave the form I was trying to achieve. The fonts were a good mix of sci-fi aesthetic and big blocky visibility that works well for a title and byline. This was one of the more practical Design assignments, and I learned more about combining illustration with graphic design.
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