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Alter: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Drianne Pantoja (2014)

After writing a fiction narrative, ''Alter,'' I knew right away I wanted this cover to be grunge looking. My story involves a depressed teenage boy as well as posters of all sorts of bands that were big within the 70's-90's. I felt that grunge was the only exception when choosing a particular style for this reason. My goal was to create a black background that has the effect of making the book look as if it were worn out and old. As for colors, I wanted to bring out ''boy'' primary colors mainly (red, green, yellow).

The layout for the cover was created on Adobe's Illustrator, however I ended up using Photoshop for the majority of my creation. For example, I added a cooling filter and modified the lighting to the image on the back cover, as well as the collages I made for the letter ''A'' on the front cover. This was to bring out the primary colors but at the same time keeping the tones dim and calm, not too bright and colorful or else I might have lost the style I aimed for.

To go more in depth about the process, I must say my greatest achievement doing this project was creating collages out of all the images I took at Rasputin, the independent music selling store. I took at least one hundred images of CD covers and posters and combined my favorites, then made collages, using Illustrator to give the illusion that this letter ''A'' has, that being the fact that it is designed out of images whereas the rest of the title is a typical font. In the end my desired background was created, my ''A'' in ''Alter'' was designed perfectly, and each cover and flap of the book came out to look grungy and edgy- exactly how I imagined it.
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