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Endeavor for the Cheddar: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Kiran Kothuri (2014)

For my Book Jacket, I started with my narrative story from English class. In English, I came up with the concept of a little mouse battling the deadly obstacles placed by humans to overcome and get a big, beautiful block of cheese. Due to this relaxed, comedic theme, I decided to make it a children's story. To fully capture the intended audience, I decided to make the book jacket an illustration to give off the comic book, children's theme feel. I decided that to best convey the story with just the cover was to implement an illustration of a mousetrap with a giant block of cheese on it. To make my concept complete, I came up with the catchy title of ''Endeavor for the Cheddar'' as its slant rhyme would appeal to children and many childrens books incorporate lots of rhyming.

To create my Book Jacket from my vision, I first started with a basic Adobe InDesign template which just marked the dimensions of each panel of the jacket. From there, I made a basic orangish-yellow gradient for the background. Then, I moved to Adobe Illustrator where I traced over a stock image of a mousetrap, and a separate trace-over of a block of cheese. I then merged the two illustrations into one mousetrap with a giant block of cheese on it. From there, I imported the illustration back into the InDesign template. Then, I created the ribbon on the top and added the stylized title. After that, I finished my author's bio and book blurb on the inner flaps of the book jacket. Finally, I added simple details such as reviews on the back, a barcode, and a pricing square.
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