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Guiltiness by Eating: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by David Garcia (2015)

My idea for showing the conceptual statement (The feeling of guiltiness by eating) is by getting a dog's dish and put in it food that dogs can't have. So after searching on the web for food that dogs can't have I got the ones that I thought most people would know about them, which are the following ones; chicken bone, alcohol (vodka), avocado, tomato, and a piece of chocolate. So, why did I choose these? I have chosen it, because when I see it I could imagine a dog eating it, but the dogs know they can't eat it, so they would feel guilty. Sometimes when I arrive home, and I see that my dogs don't come to say hi, I can already tell that they ate something that they know they shouldn't.

How did I take the picture? My photo was taken with the default settings, and by making sure there was enough light for distinguishing the different food. How did I edited in Photoshop? In Photoshop, I didn't have to edit fairly nothing because it was a good shot, so I just took out reflects that came from the dog's dish by changing the colour, so it doesn't take too much attention.
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