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Work Hard, Play Hard: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Angel Austin (2015)

Concept statement: I am exploring the feeling of amazement through managing responsibilities. The items I chose to represent my concept statement was a diploma that I created on parchment paper. TillyTack University is one of the top most elite schools in America and this diploma is a reminder to my family of all the accomplishments and responsibility I have achieved. I definitely had to manage my time, work, and social life among others to receive this amazing token. My second object was a flower bouquet that was in my kitchen. It was made up of purple mini and white carnations.

When I was taking the picture I tried many different angles and I assembled the pieces together to create a photo of the diploma with a reflection of the flowers in it. To create this I put the flowers in a vase and sat that as well as the diploma on a stool underneath a hanging light in my kitchen. My mom held the diploma while I got low and high angles of the the flowers and diploma. We then tried to get a photo where we could get the reflection. So as she held it, I got slightly underneath the objects and got the light to shine on the flowers. By doing this I was able to focus on the diploma itself in the lense of the camera and then I was able to get just the reflection of the flowers in the glass of of the diploma making it look like one object. I chose these because the diploma definitely shows responsibility and well as achievement, and the flowers are so pretty and intricate that it shows amazement. Seeing the reflection it also shows amazement of how different and beautiful two pieces that are created into one make this piece that shows beauty and persistence. When it came time to editing my picture, I put it into photoshop first opening the image in Camera Raw. In Camera Raw I was able to crop the image and add a vignette (a light or dark faded frame around the image itself). Next I took the edited photo and put it in Photoshop. In Photoshop I added filters (cooling/warming). After putting my image into Photoshop and editing it I have learned so much. I have learned many tricks and tools, such as how to crop and place a vignette on the photo, and shortcuts. Also how to make a selection and place filters to enhance the look of the photo. In addition I can place cooling or warming filters onto it making it slightly more blue or slightly more red and orange. The specific part of the photo that I enhanced in my photo to make it stand out was the emblem in the upper left hand corner. I chose this so that it could stand out and you'd really see what the object was and focus on the managing responsibilities aspect of it. The photo emplifies the concept statement; ''I am exploring the feeling of amazement through the experience of managing responsibilities,'' by showing that you need to work hard for what you want. Showing the diploma in the picture as the accomplishment of managing responsibilities. Next was the amazement which were the flowers. By getting the reflection of the flowers in the glass it showed amazement of something so beautiful made into one thing.
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