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Loneliness Through Taking Risks: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Shayla Tonge (2015)

I am experiencing the feeling of loneliness through taking risks. I isolated the single crayon to express loneliness, through the sense of being different and alone in a crowd that is not like it. The color black demonstrates the darkness that is felt when one is lonely. The crayon is placed in a box of cigarettes because they convey a risky connotation for people's health and the stigma they carry that smokers tend to exhibit risky behaviors. I shot at a later time to avoid harsh lighting that is more appealing to the eye. I set the ISO at 800 since I was in the shade and I got low with my subject so I could capture the depth of the box. I intended to get an angle that made the crayon look further away, to extend that lonely and isolated connotation.

For this piece I chose to make my selection in Photoshop around the sole crayon because that is the aspect I wanted to stand out the most to extend my metaphor about loneliness. I used the ''angled strokes'' filter because I liked how it softened and blurred the crayon, giving it an ''invisible'' feel, which is often what people desire when they feel lonely. Overall my photo conveys the concept of ''loneliness through taking risks'' because of how much the crayon does not belong in its surroundings. I achieved a darker tone with the color choices and due to the double metaphor that comes with the cigarettes. On a more surface level, they are the ''crowd'' that the crayon is excluded from. Additionally, however, they carry their own metaphor of riskiness simply because of what they are and how they have the potential to harm.
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