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Conceptual Photo: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Cameron Fitz (2015)

I am exploring the feeling of skepticism through seeing children. In my photo, I have a Barbie covered in marker and cray. There are mirror to reflect her face and to reflect the light. The Barbie is in the lower corner of the photo and is surrounded and engulfed in blackness. The intended purpose was to as a mysterious, skeptical feeling. I chose to use a Barbie because they were my favorite doll/toy to play with as a child. It was interesting though because although I adored and loved these dolls, I would completely destroy them. I would cut their hair, draw on their bodies, and on their clothing.

In Photoshop, I used the Selection Tool and selected the Barbie's face. I then added the Paint Daubs filter to add to the distortion that I had already manually created before the photo was taken. For this being my first time using Photoshop, I felt very comfortable. I feel confident in using the software for future projects. As for my conceptual statement, I as artist felt skeptical about the way children treat their toys. A children's toy is meant to be loved and cared for, but so often, children draw on them, break them, or lose them.
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