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Inside and Out: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Soline Gauthier (2015)

My conceptual statement was, ''I am exploring the feeling of shock through the experience of accepting others who are different.'' For my photography conceptual project, I thought of people of different ethnicities and how they might mix. To represent this, I chose barbie dolls of four different ethnicities. I wanted to put different body parts on each doll that had a different shade of skin color. In my photo, I have the dolls placed as if they were building and embracing each other. To display shock, I decided that to have blood in my photo added a discomfort, and surprise into it. Finally, the fact that the barbies faces were smiling while they were pulling off body parts and reconstructing them was creepy in my opinion.

I took the photo from many different angles to show different perspectives. Ultimately, having a front view allowed the viewer to see the scene. The viewer is able to see the faces of the dolls and their happy smiles. They, then, can also see how one barbie is putting the head on for the other, along with all the body parts that they have to construct the dolls. To make the photo more dramatic, I painted on a poster blood dripping down the walls, it gave a background of different patterns and lines. By using the selection tool, I selected the Latino barbie and chose the filter, Smudge Stick. I chose the brunette barbie or the Latino barbie because although she had different color skin, she looked content for who she was. We always define ourselves with our race first; I've notice that race creates a social barrier in our society. By having barbies with the same skin color, it brings them together. The blood was just to add disgust, and a shocking feeling. Together, they are trying to tell the viewer that the barbies are gruesomely reconstructing each other to be united as one race.
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