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Focus: A Senior Profile Portrait by Aava Salehi (2015)

Bradley Green is a man with the most determination in anyone whom I have ever met. He is driven by his passions of music and communication and hopes to mold these passions into future success. Brad dropped out of college to tour with a professional band and gain experience in the real world setting of the hobby which he dreams to turn into a career. Unfortunately, the band broke up leaving Brad to pursue a new path. He is currently working as a personal trainer and swim instructor at the YMCA but still plays music on the side, hoping to make it big in the industry. Brad explains, ''You cannot change your past, but you can create your own future.''

Shooting the photo on this day was difficult due the background and lighting. In order for Brad to not be blinded by the light, I would have to put him in an area with a busy and distracting background. On the other hand, having him face the light caused harsh shadows. For Brad, this caused him to squint a lot and make unnatural facial expressions. My best shot was one which Brad was wearing sunglasses, which thus defeated the purpose of connecting eye-to-eye when we look at his portrait. I chose this shot to make my profile portrait because I believe the colors and the facial expression are ones that depict Brad's focus and determination. When we look into his eyes, we can see his drive.
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