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Untitled: A Senior Profile Portrait by Drew Garvey (2015)

This is a photo of Lynda MacNeil. Lynda MacNeil not only teaches music, she promotes it, creates it, and lives it. For the past 21 years she has passed her extensive knowledge of the piano to her students and for the past 13 years she has provided over 1,000 volunteer hours to her second home, Burning Man in Black Rock City. At Burning Man, she is serves a ranger and volunteers with playa info.

The overall success of the shoot was an awesome experience for me. I had set up lights previously for my documentary filming so I used the existing lights also for my profile shoot. I had Lynda grab her harpe and include her playing the instrument in the shot. I mainly placed her in the right composition, for the rule of thirds is met. The background was a little busy, however I tried my best with my skills to erase the objects. Lastly, the subject’s face was in full focus.
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