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Juan Angeles: A Senior Profile Portrait by Ezer Angeles (2015)

The person in this photo is Juan Angeles. He is a hardworking husband and father of 3 children. He is a garage door company owner and technician, which means he’s his own boss and does his own work. Juan has two other brothers and he’s the youngest out of them three. Juan came to the US between the age of 17 or 18, and completed his high school career in Capuchino High School, located in San Bruno, CA. He’s also an active Christian, which means his life values are heavily implemented in his work policy and environment.

Some of the successes that I’ve had in making this portrait are getting the right amount of exposure and lighting on my profile star, as well as aligning the picture on the rule of thirds. When the sun was going down, the shade from a nearby tree provided the perfect area for capturing a picture that can have little to no edits later on. In addition, taking the photo based on the rule of thirds helped me to maintain my position while shooting, and eventually led me to make little edits on my final product. Some of the struggles that I’ve had are angling my profile star to capture a nice, 3-D type of photo, as well as applying the correct depth of field on the picture. Bringing the picture to life by itself was difficult to pull off, while at the same time handling the focus on my subject was hard to perfect.
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