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Leah Putnam: A Senior Profile Portrait by Isabel Owen (2015)

My profile subject - Leah Putnam is an inspiring and strong individual centered around mental and physical well being. She is a raw food enthusiast and a personal gyrotonic pilates trainer, sharing her knowledge of healthy eating and exercise with others. Leah trains clients one on one at her studio in her own home, right in the back of her garden where she grows her fruits and vegetables. Leah’s strength is inspiring as she battled and overcame breast cancer through a non-traditional approach of lifestyle change through diet, exercise, and eliminating all stresses in her life at the time. Leah ate strictly raw for one year and half, shrinking the tumor naturally without any surgeries or procedures. The cancer in her body was completely gone. She is a beautiful human being who values and pursues wellness, and enlightens the humans around her with her wisdom and strength, from clients to friends to family.

This shot has a good background setting, specifically in that it is relevant to Leah and helps illuminate her personality. Her face is well lit and glows. However when photographing her it was difficult to capture her in focus as the lighting outside was dim. The photo follows the rule of thirds, but I would like to adjust the cropping in the future and cut down the head room. Otherwise, I like this photo because it captures Leah’s glowing beauty in a place so close to who she is.
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