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Rick Van Mell: A Senior Profile Portrait by Kendra Evans (2015)

Rick Van Mell participates in many community service activities, such as helping out at Bubb Elementary School’s reenactment of Williamsburg, organizing neighborhood potlucks, and auctioning off a day trip around the bay in his sailboat for the Bubb School Walk-a-thon fundraiser. One of the most important community organizations that he participates in, however, is CERT, or Community Emergency Response Team. CERT’s job is to aid the community when an emergency or disaster occurs.

For this portrait, I decided to have Rick pose in his C.E.R.T uniform to show what he does. I set the background to be his backyard, like he is actually on the job helping a family after a disaster. I made sure that their was a lot of green in the photo because green often means safety. I believe that my biggest struggle was getting the lighting just right. Overall I am very proud of my work.
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