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Ian De La Cerda: A Senior Profile Portrait by Tanvi Sehgal (2015)

Ian De La Cerda is a community college student who is an avid vinyl music fan. Ian has a loud, fun, infectious personality. He has a strong love for music from world music to reggae to hip hop. Ian enjoys going to live music shows and also has an extensive vinyl collection. The unique sound of records and the ability records have to bring people together is really important to Ian. He sees not only music in general, but vinyl records specifically, as an activity that has had a strong impact on the relationships in his life.

It was a very sunny day when this portrait was taken and I had to make sure that Ian wasn’t washed out and that there was not direct sunlight hitting his face. I positioned him in the shade so not to overexpose the image. The background had a lot of greenery and a wooden fence, and Ian was wearing a green jacket, so I had to make sure he wouldn’t blend in with the foliage and that the background would not be distracting. I used a short depth of field and positioned Ian so that the there were no branches or leaves directly behind him to minimize the distraction. I made the brown fence surround him so that his green jacket wouldn’t blend into the background.
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