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About Me


This is me,                                Aaron Walters

Hey there, I’m Aaron Walters. I’m currently a Senior attending Mountain View High School as well as Freestyle Academy. I’m a year round soccer player and am hoping to play college soccer (currently I’m looking into Division 1 schools). My interest in the arts came to me towards the end of my time in middle school after being intrigued by the art made by several of my long-time friends. I continued to explore that interest in my sophomore year at Mountain View High School but found it not matching what I had desired. That’s when I found out about Freestyle Academy, where they taught in an alternative method that focused on the creative side of the individual. I was a little skeptical of the program at the time but decided to give it a shot. So far I’m loving the program at Freestyle because of how unique the experience is.

After a year at Freestyle Academy I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned Animation techniques from stop motion to 3D modeling and rigging. Digital Media taught me how to use various Adobe products including, but not limited to, Photoshop and Illustrator. English featured lessons in narrative story telling and documentary writing. Overall, I believe I’ve become much more expressive in all mediums of my life due to my time in Freestyle, and plan to continue with art after graduation.