“Adam Galles is a student attending Freestyle Academy”

“WAIT” the only spectator in the back of the theatre raises their hand.

“What is it?”

“I can introduce myself!” He raises from his seat, its the very man in question. He hobbled down the isle and up the stairs of the stage, straightening his shirt and facing the empty audience. With a smile on his face he bows before taking the mic and starting his long rambling two sentence speech.

“Welcome,” a picture illuminates the screen behind him, depicting an image of him, his rather annoying brother, and two cousins. Its a rather awkward photo, if the nonexistent audience was to look closely they would hint the blurry figure in the background and the stupidly wide grin on Adam’s face. It would be a sight to behold, but still, who would pay attention to details?

“This is a compilation of my achievement and struggles through the two years of my high school career where I went on the dubious path to pursue art.” He sweeps his hand in front of the gallery behind him. He pulls a single notecard from the back pocket of his track shorts, a strong believer in “if it comfortable it works,”

“Now since I have to say this,” he surveys the words before tucking the notecard back into his pocket.

“I will tell you, audience, what I value in my education, and my life.” His eyes shine with a bright light, contrasting the dark and empty room in front of him. “I must give thanks to my family, for pushing me, motivating me, yet making my life complicated in the best of ways.”

“Today I stand in front of you to tell you that for the past two years I have attended Freestyle Academy for Communication and the Arts, and it has changed me for the better. I have stretched my creative views, explored my passions, and met friends that have inspired me by their work. Every project is genuinely challenging and unique, regardless of the end product, what I have been able to learn about myself and how I can improve is truly priceless. From the long and hard documentary project to the fun times in english narrative writing, I have freestyle to thank for my passion. This highschool opportunity has not only prepared me for college, but opened my soul. Thank you Freestyle.” The single figure on the stage places a hand on his heart, smile never leaving his face.

“Now please, do indulge on my endeavors, brought forth with a passion based in the institution of  Freestyle Academy.” He seems content and lowers the mic, projecting with his own voice in the cavern of chairs.

“Every mistake is meant to exist, not just for the unique memories but also is what makes us strangely human.” To accompany his bow a roar of applause shakes the overwhelming stadium, he smiles and waves to the thousands before him.

Then its gone, and he stands in front of a mirror, talking to himself.

“Hey,” his reflection tells him.

“Today’s dreams are tomorrows potential, so in a way its limitless,” Adam smiles at his reflection before falling back up on his bed to look up at the world map on the ceiling.

“So where do I start?”