About Me

Who I am

Me crossing my arms at an anchor deskMy name is Alex Beattie, I was born in Madrid in 2002. Growing up I had a sharp interest in video games, and quickly into YouTube. The more YouTube I watched, the more interested I became in making my own content. I started out making small stop motion videos with legos, like I saw the big content creators doing at the time. These skills quickly translated into school projects, where I already knew how to do basic video editing, and could play around with what I knew and how to make my audience enjoy my videos. Even though it may seem irrelevant, and childish now, these early days laid the foundation for who I am today, and helps me achieve my artistic goals.

What I do

I’m a film student at freestyle. Freestyle is separate from traditional school, which excels in education about art. Even though it advertises as an art school, I have learned so many real life skills here, and will continue to moving forward. To me, freestyle is like a beginner course to college and being an adult. Everyone who is here loves being here, and seeing the quality of what people produce alongside me is a real change of pace from the typical school experience. The projects that I work on and produce will be posted on this website for you to see throughout my time at freestyle.