Welcome to my Documentary Website! For this unit we had to choose a person or place that we were interested in researching and creating a documentary on. I chose to explore Shuei-Do Manju Shop which is located in San Jose's Japantown. In English class, I wrote about a ten page research paper which eventually became the text in the book I designed. For Design class, I took multiple shoots of photographs at the manju shop. With hundreds and hundreds of photos to choose from, I used the best ones in my audio slideshow and my book. At the end of the unit, we learned how to use a new Adobe software called InDesign. I used this program to design and arrange my text and photographs to create my final book. In WebAudio class, we were taught how to use recording kits. With these kits, I completed three sets of interviews that I would use later on for my audio slideshow. In addition, we learned how to make a slideshow using Adobe Flash. Lastly, we were introduced both Reason and Pro Tools. With Reason, I made the background music on both my project listings page as well as this home page. Pro Tools is a program that I used to edit and cut my interviews. Since we learned a lot of new concepts in all of our classes thrid quarter, with this unit came a lot of tedious work; but it was all worth it and I am very proud to have completed all my projects. I would also like to thank Tom and Judy Kumamaru so much for all of the time and dedication that they contributed to my project. They were so kind to allow me to spend so much time at their shop and I do not know what I would have done without all of their help and generosity!




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