Descriction of Documentary Unit: For this unit we had to choose a place that we would do our Documentary Unit on. I decided to choose Linden Tree, a book store in downtown Los Altos.


Background Music Controller: This is a background music controller that I greated in Web/Audio this quarter. The song that I used was a Jingle from Garageband. To make the song stop playing just press the pause button. Hope you like it!


English: In English this unit we had to write a research paper. My central question was about book store and why people want them in their comunity. For the research paper we had to interiview a bunch of people and look up a lot of information in order to answer our essential question. You can read my research paper on my English page.

Design: In Design this unit we had to take a total of 15 photos of our choosen place. We also had to do an illustration that answers our essential question that we came up with in English. We combined our photos, illustration, and research paper into one magazine article. You can view the article on either the design or english page.


Web/Audio: In Web/Audio this unit we made this documentary website and a Audio Slide Show. We took the pictures that we used in Design and the interviews we used for English and create an Audio Slide Show. We used action scripts to create the Slide Show. You can view the Slide Show on the Web/Audio page.


New Programs Learned: For the Documentary Unit I learned two new programs. I learned how to use Indesign to make my layout for my article. Plus I learned how to do action scripting in Flash. I used the action scripting for my slide show and background music controller. I also used the programs Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator throughout the unit.



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