The narrative unit focuses on the concept of storytelling. The purpose of this unit was to create our own original story and depict it in different ways for each class. With each class that we worked on our narrative, we were able to improve and learn different skills to revise our story. We were able to learn different techniques that would make our story better and visually appleasing. We started this unit in English class when we were told to create a graphic novel. This acted as our base for this unit. With the graphic novel, we were able to plan out our story. Then in Web Audio, we used that graphic novel to create our animatic. The animatic also acted as one of the bases for our animation. With this, we were able to sketch out our story and make any changes that we believed would make our story better. To create this, we used slices of our graphic novel to add different effects to it to prepare us for our animation. The animatic also helped transitioned us to make our animation. The animation was our final product that tied all our pre-production projects together. With this, we can show our final polished story that we created. Finally, in Design class, we were to create an illustration of our story. This helped us with effects and emphasises. We also created a portrait of our character to assist us in truly knowing our character and finding the best way to depict them.

In my website, it contains my graphic novel, animatic, animation, portrait, and illustration. If you would like to see all my projects, please click through my website!

This is a scrrenshot of my website in Dreamweaver This is a scrrenshot of my buttons in Illustrator

This is a scrrenshot of animation drawings in Illustrator This is a scrrenshot of my animation in toon boom studio

This is the caption for Layout Figure Tag