Welcome! My Name is Anthony Park, and I’m a student at Freestyle Academy. I’d like to believe that I am an artist but the class I’m taking says I’m an animator. Bad joke, anyways I’m just your typical teenager you know depressed and lonely. Throughout freestyle I have created art pieces and other things that helped me learn a lot about art, but I still have yet to go as this is where my journey begins. This school is something else, it is a haven to people who want to express their own ideas and where people can gather and share those ideas to then become what they envisioned, and I think that is one of my most favorite things here in freestyle. But what do I do outside of school? Well outside of school I like to play games, create music, and draw. There is nothing else that I could name other than those but I do hope to discover more about myself in the coming days in my time here in freestyle.