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Blank skies, lost stars are as lonely as us
Blank skies, lost stars are as lonely as us

Welcome! My name is Anthony Park, and I am a student at Freestyle Academy. Throughout freestyle I have created art pieces and other things that has taught me a lot of things about art, but I still have yet to go as this is where my journey begins. This school is something else, it is a haven to people who want to express their own ideas and where people can gather and share those ideas to then become what they envisioned, and I think that is one of my most favorite things here in freestyle. But what do I do outside of school? Well outside of school I like to play games, create music, and draw. There is nothing else that I could name other than those but I do hope to discover more about myself in the coming days in my time here in freestyle.


This year so far we were able to express ourselves creatively, creating a vast amount of art works. As we are only juniors we still have much to go but this is a good place to start our explorations and gain experience of what we can do. This conceptual page is to showcase all of that, the artworks and projects throughout my time at Freestyle.

Photo Haiku

Our first english assignment was for us to create a haiku using words picked out of a bag as a layout to what our poem would be about. We would begin writing our haiku over an image that wouldn’t exactly correlate or make the haiku so literal. My poetry intention statement for this assignment was “I am exploring the feeling of embarrassment through the experience of flying” What I really liked about the Photo haiku poetry was how it allowed creative thinking, a way to tell a story you want to tell even when following the guidelines of what your assignment is about. In this Photo Haiku specifically was about the embarrassment of flying I still managed to make it on how it’s the feeling loneliness through the experience of separation, which is why I admired this project.

Original Haiku

Haiku Video


Exquisite Corpse:

An Exquisite Corpse is a series of images and words combined together to create one singular piece. In this specific poem, my group and I constructed one line each. The poem to me is about the inherent narcissism and vanity within us. I felt very strongly about the line “He tries to find and seek what he desires”. The images that we chose for this piece came from a variety of scenarios. The image presented during the line stated above depicts a stereo in a dark room with a dim light. The stereo itself is not the main focus but the lighting the is. This to me shows that although there is a belief that people are inherently selfish, we all have a small light inside of us.

Poem Video
Behind the Scenes

Free Verse Poem:

I wrote these two poems based on some anxiety I was feeling at the moment. This poem though I wrote it on my off-time without realizing that this itself was an assignment.

Free Verse Poem 1

Free Verse Poem 2


Earlier in the year we went on a field trip to SF MOMA to examine artworks that we can respond to for English. Our assignment was to create a poem based on that artwork you have chosen. For some strange reason this artwork spoke to me, it didn’t look to special as but it appeared to look as if someone was drawing a layout of a person and it had a what looked like a protractor painted over it. To me it spoke to me, because of how the layout of the character was drawn I immediately leaned towards proportions and I thought about how our life is based on people’s appearances, almost as if proportions matter more than anything.



Poetry Intention Statement
Concept Statement

“I am exploring the feeling of embarrassment through the experience of flying”
Paper glides around,
when the wind blows I stay here,
next to what I know.
I wrote this haiku the way it is because normally paper flies around and it spreads apart but there’s always that one that sticks by you. It represents a person’s loneliness or fears that he would rather stick to what he is rather familiar with than spread out like the others.

I used this image because like I said before we aren’t trying to make the poem so literal, but it was something close to the meaning of the poetry. Like how the leaves stick close to the curb, it could be they stick close together or a representation of us on how we stick close to home.

Animation Projects:
Flip Book

A flipbook is a very commonly known form or animation. Images of one full scene are draw on one page each and as you flip through the book quickly the scene is stitched together. My flipbook was created with one ball falling off a table and bouncing towards another yellow ball. The assignment was to create a flipbook animation using geometric shapes.

Exquisite Corpse

In the Exquisite Corpse animation we as a class created a series of animations that we each individually produced and stitched together into one big motion animation picture. This assignment truly brought out everyone’s creativity, imagination, and teamwork. This is the first animation of this kind that the class and myself have done.

Direct Techniques

A direct technique is an artform around the basis of using a camera to film the type of art you are trying to depict. Therefore it is not only the drawing that is the focus but also all other elements that are videotaped. For example, in my direct technique the erasing of certain elements of my drawing are a part of my actual assignment.

Photoshop Blend Modes:

Photoshop blending is when one experiments with different ways an image can be manipulated. Some examples in my photos are increasing the quality of the background, dimming or making an image brighter in certain areas, and focusing certain objects for depth perception. We used a DSLR camera for the blending which I really enjoyed. I truly valued learning how the camera functioned and all the elements I could manipulate in a photo that offered so many different views of perspective.

Photoshop Blending two images:

Photoshop Overlay:

Photoshop Multiply:

Photoshop Creative:

Photoshop Screen Modes

Photoshop Behind the Scenes