This unit was focused on the relationship of facts to truth, our goal being uncovering the untold stories of our family or people in our community. During this unit we had to find a person or group and tell their story through different mediums. For web class we had to interview our sources and use the audio clips and pictures from design to make an audio slideshow. In english we had to write a research paper which we combined with our pictures to make a book or article for design class. This unit was particularly difficult because of all of the different applications we had to use. We were required to use InDesign to make our book/article, Flash to make our audio slideshow, Pro Tools to edit audio clips, Photoshop to edit our pictures, and Illustrator to create an image to go with our article.


The background music on this page was made in iTunes then transferred to flash so we could make it a button. To make the button itself, we had to actually design it, then using javascript, we told it when to make the music pause or play. The volume is a bit low so you might need to turn up the volume to hear it. Feel free to play with the music button and look around!