The focus of our Documentary Unit was to use digital media to tell an untold story about a location of our choosing. After choosing a location to base our documentary project around, we then had to develop an angle around an issue that our location deals with and remedies. Then, we were required to conduct three interviews with people who are relevant to our location, and using the information obtained from research and interviews, we wrote a paper. Our assignment for this unit in Design was to create a book using the program InDesign. The paper that we had written and English was used as our copy in our book. The pictures used in our documentary book were all taken on-location and edited by us. In Web, we created a website, as we always do for our projects, and an audio slideshow which is like a teaser for our book.

The background music heard on this page was made with a program called Reason. Learning how to use Reason was a small step up from Pro Tools, but it was definitely a significant step up from using GarageBand, which we used at the beginning of the year.

Although this unit proved to be the most difficult, it was a great experience that helped me gain skills that I will likely need to use in the future. It was an interesting process, and there were tons of run-ins with technical difficulties, but I believe I have prevailed in the end. Even with all the obstacles I've had to face during this unit, it gives me an incredibly immense sense of accomplishment and pride.