Digital Media

Haiku Video

“Wrapping Season”

Lights blurred out to become yellow circles.
It’s wrapping season. Gifts for family, gifts for friends. Criss cross. I give up

The photo haiku was a project that used traditional Japanese haikus to express a concept statement that we were given. Haikus consistsĀ of three lines. The first line is five syllables, the middle is seven, and the last is five syllables. In the video, we used Adobe Premiere Pro to project our poem and our picture for the poem.

Photo Haiku Premiere Pro Screenshot

Using Premiere Pro for the first time, I learned a lot of tricks to make my video better. I liked going through font websites and looking through the fonts that fit my needs. I learned about cross fade so my text can fluidly come in and out of the video.

Exquisite Corpse Poem Video

The exquisite corpse poem was created with a group of 10 in my English class. It started with one person writing a line of poetry, the next person would write another line based on the first person’s line and fold the paper over so that only his line shows, the next person would write a line based on the pervious line, fold over the old line, and so on.

Exquisite Corpse After Effects Screenshot

With After Effect, I could make a title page that had text flow in and out. I also learned how to fade the images in and out so that the overall flow of the video would be better. I enjoyed the effects that I could add to the poem to make it better.

Blend Modes

Blend Modes are easy tools on Photoshop that allow for photos to become better and create emphasis on specific things.

the photo on the right is a dandelion, the right is the dandelion with the hot air balloons blended behind it Crayons on a glass table. A white flower with a pink center.Volleyball players on a court.

Two volleyball refs talking at at a volleyball net A volleyball team coming together for a huddle after a point. A green cactus with pricks Piano Keys A group of kids looking at their camera through a blurry glass

Photoshop Blend Mode Screenshot

Through this blend modes project, I was able to edit pictures of all sorts and edit them through Photoshop. Photoshop is a great tool to adjust photos subtly. I learned how to create the perfect photo from my camera yet but if I can’t achieve the wanted shot, Photoshop is a great tool to better my photo.