How do you creatively and truthfully portray a significant person, group, place, idea, or issue in the community?

When we got back from winter break, the BIG documentary project was put upon us. It was suppose to be junior’s most challenging and rewarding projects. The project included a research topic which we were to write a eight to ten page research-based paper about and publish it into a book. So, in English we started brainstorming ideas that would be interesting to document. As an honor English student, I also needed to choose a nonfiction book that I could use to learn information about my topic and include in my paper. In Design, we started to brainstorm ideas to capture our ideas through photography and started to work with InDesign to create our book.┬áMy topic was student athlete recruitment. I wanted to explore the difficult process of how teens went from high school athlete to college athlete.



This project taught me a lot about the college recruiting process. Though I’m not getting recruited for college, it made me have a lot more respect for college athletes that got recruited because of all the things they have to do to play a sport in college, it is more then just your skills but your personality and grades are taken in account too. It also is a tough process. It was very interesting to learn about the college scandal but it was tough writing about it just because it was a very new subject and there was limited information about it. With such a big scandal, something that many people haven’t heard of before, there were a lot of opinionated pieces that were written about the subject and it was very hard to find sources that were reliable. I had to rely on information that was consistent with multiple articles to ensure that the information was correct.