Industrial Design Portfolio

I designed this chair for my Ama, which means grandma in Taiwanese. Ama is only 4 feet 10 and can’t stand for too long. She needs to sit down often and needs her feet up when she is watching tv. Thus, this chair has to be low and stable.

Ama loves unique design with a brand name. So I designed with geometric patterns and my name at the bottom. 

If Ama likes this chair, she would like another one for her house in Taiwan. This chair has a foldable design for packing and shipping. 

For the installation, we hung my chair from the ceiling because of how compact it was. 

A challenge that I ran into was wrapping the bike inner tube around the cardboard. I tried sewing and hot glue but both failed so I ended up repurposing the valve and puncturing the tube into the cardboard center.  

Materials used: Recycled cardboard and recycled bike inner tube

Beam Dream Shoe was an industrial design project at a pre-college summer program aimed to solve walking at night without street lights. I put a light that could be turned on with a button located on the tongue of the shoe. 

The light symbolizes the organization, Light the Night, which aims to bring light to the darkness of cancer and to spread the awareness of Leukemia and Lymphoma.  

I hope this shoe can help people walk home safely and raise money for Light the Night. 

A big challenge that I ran into was working with the pink foam. It was a material that I’ve never worked with before so I practiced on small pieces of foam before I carved my shoe.

Tools and materials used: Hand sketches, clay, foam