About Me


Hello. I am currently studying animation and photography in Freestyle Academy of Communication, Arts and Technology, and exploring the arts. I enjoy the creative opportunities that it offers, and am working to transform my hobbies into a reality.

I value diligence, and resourcefulness. I very much love storytelling. I  like to write narratives and poems as well as draw, getting lost in fictional worlds. I am inspired by previous  experiences, media, and other thought provoking subjects. Before Freestyle, drawing and writing was simply a secret passion of mine. I had no idea what to do for the future. Family members encouraged me to do what I love most. Then I heard about Freestyle, and after spending just a couple weeks there, I knew animation was what I was going to pursue. Joining the program has produced so many positive results, and handed me the tools to improve on said hobbies, and seek a professional career with them.  Freestyle is project based, so instead of assignments due in one day, it is more spread out, giving time to really work on them and polish them, putting forth the best effort possible.

Additionally, the program includes English much more focused on the creative aspect of it, but also includes the necessary skills, like essay writing. In Digital Media, students like myself learn how to work with Photoshop and on websites, using basic photography skills. And finally, in Animation, the projects involve a lot of collaboration and productions are on a set schedule, giving a clear idea of what it could be like professionally. All of this is different to regular school, and is very engaging.

Overall, it has a very comfortable atmosphere which gives room for experimenting with creativity, and gives many resources to do so. It pushes your limits while working in a caring environment. I learn so much more each day, and am very enthusiastic to see what the future holds.