Zenith Project


The Zenith project is a project that is meant to display our skills when they were at their peaks. We were allowed to do accomplish any project we liked as long as it acted as a good indication of our growth in skills and possessed a bit of the elements focused on in our respective classes, mine being Animation.



In English, we wrote a research paper related to our Zenith project. I wrote about prejudices and how as a society, we could combat them.

Research Paper

In Design, we made consumer products that helped advertise our Zenith projects. My consumer product consisted of two lenticular poster that would change images based on the different perspectives one looked at it.

The posters only work if they have a lenticular sheet atop them.

The first poster I made is meant to be a coin that shows the different economic disparaties.

Poster 2

My second poster focused the demonization of a black person due to their silhouette from the sun, showing how prejudices can alienate us from others and allow people to misinterpret each other.

Poster 1

Final Product

For my Zenith project, I chose to create a medium length animation that focused on prejudice.

I had a character engrossed in his phone almost die due to inattention, only to be saved by being tackled by a black man. Instead of accepting the man's help for helping him stand up, the character gives the man money, thinking that he was asking for it.


All in all, I'm still a bit unsatisfied with my final product because if I had managed my time better, I could have definitely improved it by a lot.

Reflection Paper