About Me

Beck dos Santos

A student with shoulder-length brown hair, pale skin, thick eyebrows, and brown eyes. The student is wearing a black and white plaid button-up shirt.

Greetings, welcome to my page. I’m Beck dos Santos and I’m a student at Freestyle Academy. I take English, Digital Media, and most importantly, Animation. I only joined Freestyle in my senior year, though I would’ve loved to have taken it junior year as well. I’ve learned so many interesting things here, aspects of animation that I would’ve not been able to access through the tools I have at home, and expressive forms of literature taught by a kind teacher who cares about the material he teaches.

These details are very important to me, because even outside of school I am an avid artist. I’ve been drawing my whole life, and it was during my teenage years that I developed a passion for animation. Often times I’d watch cartoons and admire the art styles portrayed, the fluidity of the frames the animators drew, and the unique mode of storytelling animation is able to provide. Storytelling is another aspect that makes me love the English class they teach here, because for the longest time I’ve loved to create narratives and fictional stories. My love for drawing and my love for writing are what combine to make me desire to pursue a career in animation. I dream of working for an animation studio and being able to participate in creating cartoons for people to watch.

What I value from Freestyle is the freedom to create professional works of art, and the environment that enables me to do so. I love being surrounded by students who love the arts just as much as I do, and I love having supportive teachers who can help me become better at doing the things I love. I look forward to being able to learn in a relaxed, yet passionate environment.