Welcome to my home page for my narrative unit. This is the second unit that I have done at Freestyle in my junior year. For this unit I created an animation about two homeless men and the argument that they have. Before the animation I had to make an animatic which planned out the scenes for the animation. I also wrote a short story in my English class about how someones mind can personify a place to have personality. Both of which you can click on at the top of this page. For my design class I made an illustration which abstractly shows the connections that can be made through music. I also took two pictures that create a photonarrative diptych telling a story about the stress that is inflicted when you have too many options.

I really enjoyed this unit and everything that it had to offer. This was the first unit where I had the whole time to fully develop my ideas because in the beginning of the year I came to Freestyle two months late. Because of this I feel that I produced the best work that I could. I hope you enjoy my narrative project!


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