About Me

Benjamin Shell

Welcome to my website! My name is Benjamin Shell. I am a music producer who also sometimes likes to step behind the mic. When I am not making music, you can find me at the gym, laughing hysterically with my friends, or debating with my family.

During my sophomore year, my counselor suggested I take a look at our school district’s art and technology program, Freestyle Academy. Skeptical at first, I ended up deciding to pursue it.

I came to Freestyle Academy to further my own music abilities but got a lot more in return. I have met people that I probably would have never meet otherwise. I have used resources that only a fortunate few have access too. I have learned how to speak and write the language of websites. I have had deep discussions that have opened me up to bigger perspectives. I came here to just focus on music and got a lot more than I ever expected.

Throughout this website are the projects that I have created over the course of my two years at Freestyle Academy. Enjoy!

To see one my original project portal I made my first year, click the link below: