About Me

Bija Haxhicani 

Hello! My name is Bija Haxhicani and I am currently a junior at Freestyle Academy. Through this program I am taking classes such as English, Design, and Digital Media that I hope will help to develop my knowledge with the usage of technology and acquire many skills that I can use in my future. Prior to Freestyle, I wasn’t exposed to as many advanced applications. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to learn not only from my teachers yet the help of my classmates. I have been able to challenge myself and expand my creativity through creating projects I never thought I was capable of making. Beyond the classes, the community at freestyle is amazing. The students are here to be themselves, express creativity through new dimensions and help one another become stronger with very beautiful to experience.

Outside of freestyle you can find me in the pool swimming, playing water polo, hanging with family, going on adventures with friends, or going to the beach and soaking up the sun. I love finding new forms of art either expressed through fashion, buildings or pieces of artwork. A spark of curiosity arises when I am exposed to a new form of art which drives my interest and emotion towards the piece. I inspire to aspire this similar emotion in others with my art. I also love different bodies of water as well. Whether be in the ocean, pool, or lake, you can find me in the water swimming around and taking in the beauty of the waves, fishes and the water itself.