This unit, the Narrative unit, was all about telling a story. The narritive unit focuses on how we can tell a story in different ways; pictures, words, animations, and even a graphic novel.


In English, we focused a lot on writing short stories and flash fiction; stories in 55 words or less. This posed as quite the challange becuase 55 words is a very small amount of space to write a story, while still including characters, a plot, a problem, and a climax. In Design, we focused on using images to tell a story. Not only using two pictures we took to tell one, but by using a picture we've drawn to tell one. Finally, in WebAudio, we used the graphic novel we wrote in English, and turned it into an animation through the program Adobe Flash. This was a completely new program for me, and I found it extremely stressful tool to use. It took a lot of time and focus to finish the animation.

This website is based off of a mythical creature that can only exist in stories; a dragon. The background is of a cave and the buttons are all the color of orange fire, lighting up when they are rolled over. The words written throughout this website are the bright orange that lights up


For these projects, I used Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe photoshop, and Adobe Flash.



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