Intro: Sometimes it’s important to take a step back from the struggles and stress of school and look inward to self reflect. While working on all of these different projects, I attempted to do just that, reflect. Using all the resources presented to me by freestyle, I’m really trying to find an answer to the question of “Who am I?” Through this process I’m able to achieve one of the goals I set out to accomplish this year; polishing my artistic vision and style. It’s a shame that during my senior year, I really started viewing all my options and pursuing interests relevant to my future vision rather than focusing on institutional passions. Working on these projects was extremely helpful as it allowed me to finally think about what light I want my work to be presented in over doing assignments in nearly the same fashion as a majority of students. Personal Essay: While writing my personal essay, I took time to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. All in order to clearly communicate my various passions and questions. I cover how people, such as myself, have a harder time finding out what it is in life that makes it all worth it. Things I’ve Learned So Far: During English I began brainstorming about some of the lessons I’ve learned throughout our lifetime. I narrowed down the list to five lessons that possibly answer the question of “Who am I?” For each of the things I’ve learned, I found or made graphics that represented the message at the center of each lesson. My intro to the video includes the viewer’s perspective traveling through each word in an attempt to convey the idea of each lesson being a milestone of the journey I’ve been on.

Lyrical Essay

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Things I've Learned

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