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“It’s funny, there’s a lot of different opinions in Christianity, I mean Christianity is a huge faith tradition. I guess the most traditional view would be that there’s a heaven and a hell in the afterlife, and heaven is where the faithful go and hell is where the not-so-faithful go. There are passages in the bible that are interpreted as referring to heaven and hell, and that’s probably the most traditional Christian view, but it’s not the only Christian view. I, for instance; I can’t believe in a good and loving God (which is a huge part of what Christianity teaches), a good and loving God who at some arbitrary point, gives up on us. We’re taught that God never gives up on us while we’re alive. I just can’t believe that when the body dies, then God gives up on you and sends you to hell if you somehow haven’t made the mark.


So, I guess I believe it’s theoretically possible to always choose separation from God, I think certainly there are people in this life who choose separation from God. I guess it’s probably possible that even after death, it’s possible to choose separation from God. I don’t think God ever chooses that, I think God always wants to be in relationship with us. So for me, life is not complete until you are in right relationship with God, and that may happen after the body dies, or it may happen now.”