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“I was in college, no, I was probably in my early twenties when she passed away and she said when she died, you know, the same vision comes for people of all faith as people with no faith. This long tunnel of light moving towards something that feels remarkably peaceful, safe, like the journey you just are longing to get there, and at the end there’s always some sort of figure that is recognizable. For some people they see Jesus, for some people probably of other faiths, maybe they see people in their faith that are significant, I don’t know that, but generally people see figures of people who have meant something to them, perhaps who they are married to, a child who has died earlier, significant people in their lives, and they feel this sense of “ah, I’m ready to go. I just want to be there” they just want to go towards that light. And then when they’re pulled back, my grandmother said

‘I don’t want to go back,’ and she said, ‘I just want to go.’ ...

...I have yet to hear from anyone that they

wanted to come back.”

- Carol Damonte